Showreels & Demo Reels for Actors and Talent Agents

A successful showreel or demo reel is one that helps actors get more work. Using the right clips in the right way maximizes your chances. Anthony Holmes has nearly 20 years experience as a specialist editor of acting reels, working with actors, agents and casting directors in the UK, US, Canada and Europe. A specialist editor of reels knows what works, and Anthony has helped to develop the tv and film careers of many successful actors, from series regular roles in tv, to major roles in Academy Award-winning films.

  • A track record of success, helping actors develop their careers in high-profile film and television
  • An understanding of how best to market an actor’s strengths, crafting a highly targeted showreel aimed directly at casting directors
  • Excellent working relationships with many of the world’s top talent agents and casting directors
  • Speed of turnaround and availability to help actors at any time of day or night
  • Helping actors at every stage of their career; from recent drama school graduates to Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actors

Here are just a few recent examples of showreels edited by Anthony:

Cas Anvar

Cas Anvar – Demo Reel. Featuring scenes from Room (with Brie Larson), Diana (with Naomi Watts), The Expanse (series regular), and Source Code (with Jake Gyllenhaal)

T’nia Miller

T’nia Miller – Showreel. Featuring scenes from Dr Who, Witless (series regular), Cucumber (series regular), and Death In Paradise

Peter McNeil O’Connor

Peter McNeil O’Connor – Showreel. Featuring scenes from Downton Abbey (with Dan Stevens), True Love (with David Tennant), Father Brown (with Mark Williams) & Breaking The Mould (with Dominic West).

Fuschia Sumner

Fuschia Sumner – Demo Reel. Featuring scenes from Saving Mr Banks (with Emma Thompson) and The Book Club (with Echo Kellum).

Grant Gillespie

Grant Gillespie – Showeel. Featuring scenes from Florence Foster Jenkins (with Hugh Grant), Eastenders, and Siblings.

Anniwaa Buachie

Anniwaa Buachie Demo Reel. Featuring scenes from Survivor’s Remorse (STARZ) and Law & Order (NBC Universal).

Pandora Clifford

Pandora Clifford – Acting Reel. Featuring scenes from Wallander, Eastenders, and Dracula.


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