Actors – Want to book a TV series in 2017?

Top television casting director Kristina Erdely (The Royals, Blood Drive) teams up with showreels expert Anthony Holmes to give a seminar on showreels & how to get cast in a TV series, at the Surviving Actors acting convention in London on 4th February 2017.


There are so many TV series being commissioned right now, so how do you get the job? How is it different to all the other castings you’ve been to? And how can you ensure you are the perfect person to do the job and walk in to an already formed cast?

Kristina Erdely and Anthony Holmes will be covering questions around showreels and how you can ensure that your showreel will be seen and taken seriously by casting directors. What do you actually need in there and how can you make sure that your showreel is a cut above the rest?!

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