Social Media

Design/Artwork, Video Editing, and Social Posts

    • Artwork – graphic design in line with your brand guidelines – images designed to promote events (live shows, tv/film appearances) working in tandem with your publicist and manager where appropriate to ensure consistency and alignment across all platforms, media and press.
    • Video – clips and reels edited, optimized per social platform – sizzle reels to promote upcoming events, editing of red carpet footage, clips from tv interviews, examples of your work (famous clips from your tv shows/films, or clips from stand-up comedy shows), and editing/enhancement of selfie content filmed by yourself.
    • Bespoke, strategic social posts. Learning YOUR voice and speaking “as you” where appropriate and authorized on social media. Interacting with fans and followers on your behalf as required, in line with agreed guidelines and templates.
    • DATA driven. Analytics and Insights – we optimize and adjust content for future posts based on data from previous posts, with a keen eye on both immediate engagement and future channel growth
    • All social platforms¬†supported as needed – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Threads, Patreon, Snapchat, Telegram, etc. and always keeping an eye on new platforms as they emerge and leveraging as appropriate.

We post social media content for many clients ‘in their voice’ and on their behalf, and fully appreciate that you may prefer to give the impression that all content is posted by you personally. We take discretion and privacy seriously, and are happy to sign NDAs as needed. As such, we’re not able to provide examples of content for many clients, as this would breach NDA agreements. Fortunately a few clients have agreed we can share examples, which follow – but we have more we’d love to be able to share!

Our Work:

Benny Hill (comedian, actor)

Image design, video editing and social content posting, on behalf of the Benny Hill Estate (the AH Hill Residuals Trust).


Benny Hill – Facebook

Aries Spears (comedian, actor)

Image design and video editing


Many more live standup-clips at @ariesspears on Instagram
Rapid channel grown on Facebook of 50%+ in the past year – now 1M followers since video content campaign started late in 2023:
Aries Spears – Facebook

Link to additional standup reels: Aries Spears standup reels (authorized for TV/press media and social usage)

Anjali Bhimani (actor)

Image design, video editing and basic animation
Kickstarter reel:

Public Speaking reel:

Public Speaking sizzle:

Anjali Bhimani – Instagram (1.6 M followers)



Each client has unique needs, and a bespoke service is provided to all. Retainer services start at $500 going up to $2500 per month depending on requirements. Estimate provided after discussion of needs.

Other services:

We also provide demo reel editing services for actors, with a focus on career development – as recommended my many talent managers and agents worldwide: you can see recent examples at As with our social content, due to NDAs we’re not able to share examples of all our work, but have a large client base – we have 20+ years experience editing demo reels for successful actors, comedians, tv hosts and other artists.